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2012 week-by-week changes

Read the setup here. These are my [changes for 2012].

Week 1: Drink no soda.

If anything, this experiment had a negative impact on my life. But I discovered that I really didn't need or miss it.

Week 2: A world without coffee.


Week 3: Drink 5-hour energy every day!

I didn't do well with this one. I would forget to take one until late in the day, and then would only drink a half-bottle (recommended dosage, but a little light-weight). I don't think it affected me very much.

Week 4: A week without time!

This went so well, I forgot a new week had started, and it was Tuesday before I began the next week...

Week 5: No cream in my coffee, no milk, no liquid dairy.


Week 6: No data plan on my phone!

Meaning, my phone has full functionality when I have a wi-fi signal, and the rest of the time is more or less like an average phone.

WEEK 7: No restraints!

Meaning, no more restrictions like these last few. :)

WEEK 8: Get up earlier every day.

Started with 7am, and worked backwards.

WEEK 9: Return to Tim Ferriss eating patterns.

Feel a lot better

WEEK 10: Go to bed before 10pm.

WEEK 11: Hand-wash an item of clothing every day.

Apparently, drying is the biggest part of washing.

WEEK 12: This week I'm doing three things: NOT drinking coffee or tea before bed, taking back up shaving cream (which I haven't used in years), and carrying around my new Platypus water bottle.

WEEK 13: "Go out" every evening, do something interesting every night.

WEEK 14: No wheat, yes sugar.

Unless under the influence of Mormons... ;)

WEEK 15: No talk radio, no podcasts, etc.

WEEK 16:


I like the week without time. That's fun. I think time can rule us and we become slaves to the clock. That's a really depressing thought, isn't it!